I am writing this blog to share my ever-evolving love for my dogs and all the other aussies I meet. Australian Shepard’s are such cunning and beautiful creatures. I have done a lot of personal research into the breed, regarding breeding, training, showing, teaching them to be therapy dogs and caring for the health concerns that can come with aussies. I am interested in devoting a lot of time to my dogs and better understanding them for there benefit and mine. I would like to share my findings and discovery’s with others and myself, so read along!


Struggling to get a selfie with momma Rosalind and her baby Reilly. Her Aunt Helena was all game to take a photo with us 🐶😜🐶

Three adorable 4 week old puppies! #reggie #remi #reilly #rosalindpuppies

Three adorable 4 week old puppies! #reggie #remi #reilly #rosalindpuppies

Silly kids love their puppy food! It’s all over their faces!

Puppy’s are introduced to puppy gruel, they love it!! One even tried to go swimming in it. Silly girl. 🐶💖

Junior escape artist in the making. They are all mad that their mom left with all their food. Moms got to eat too little pups! #rosalind #puppies

Puppy wrestle match turns quickly into an escape attempt. #cute #puppies

So much sass this morning from Remi! She started barking at me as soon and I woke her up by picking up her brother to weigh him. She just loves to be a boss #remi

3 videos to celebrate 3 puppies turning 3 weeks old today! #reilly #puppies

3 videos to celebrate 3 puppies turning 3 weeks old! #remi #puppies